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Inter-Paranormal Relationships - SEX WITH REAL GHOSTS - I have met some very interesting people in my life. From those that believe they have seen a ghost. Been touched by a ghost. Kissed by a ghosts, and had an sexual intercourse or a sexual encounter with a ghosts all on regular occasions. Are these people for real? I am currently doing research into the phenomena of Spectrophilia and Paranormal Sexual encounters, so please anyone who has this paranormal phenomena happen to them on a regular basis please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Florida Man Selling Ghosts - Entrepreneur claims to have captured spirits in bottles. A St. Augustine man is selling containers filled with what he describes as ghosts. --WKMG Orlando

Ghosts of Gettysburg: Civil War changed ordinary town, ordinary people - Oh, you may not find the ghouls and ghosties of Hollywood. You may not even experience the paranormal as sought by TAPS on SciFi's "Ghost Hunters." But Gettysburg is haunted, nonetheless. --

‘Dead’ Woman Comes Back to Life 17 Hours Later -- breitbart

Kenya mob burns 15 women to death over witchcraft - The gang of about 100 people moved from house to house late Tuesday, tied up their victims and set them ablaze, the official said. --

Accused 'thought ghosts controlled him'- A man on trial accused of murdering a student with a cricket bat told doctors two ghosts were communicating with him, a jury heard.-- Bradford Telegraph Argus, UK

Learn About the Paranormal and Mingle with Celebrities at TAPSCON .. -Superstars and ghosts will converge upon the city of Clearwater, FL on July 19-20, 2008, as celebrities from film and television, join paranormal enthusiasts for a weekend of fun and education. The first annual TAPSCON is being held at the Belleview Biltmore Resort Hotel & Spa in Clearwater and will be an annual event unlike Central Florida has ever seen. Features of the event include autograph sessions with celebrities like Linda Blair, of “The Exorcist,” the cast of “Ghost Hunters” from the SciFi Channel, cast members from CBS’s “Survivor” reality game show, as well as numerous other movie and T.V. Stars. The weekend will feature lectures on ghosts, demons, psychics and weird creatures, by the world’s leading experts on such topics. -- California Newswire, CA

Ghost Hunters Check Out Tri-State Haunts - Members of the Ohio Paranormal Exploration Society are not GhostBusters, they're just out to test ghost stories. -- WKRC TV Cincinnati, OH

James Van Praagh: Spirits in a material world- hosts Among Us, famed medium James Van Praagh takes the reader on a journey that answers many questions about the spirit -- Windy City Times

Ghosts of the cyclone haunt survivors, soldiers - Similar ghost stories surfaced after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, as most Buddhists in Southeast Asia believe strongly in ghosts. They say the spirits of those who died accidentally have trouble moving on to the next life, and can get stuck temporarily in this world. -- Seattle Times

Murder trial ordered for man who says he's haunted by ghosts -- KMPH Fox 26, CA

The Dead Can Hear You! Can You Hear Them? FRANK'S BOX --- EVP GHOST BOX AND A NECROMANCER - A lot of talk goes on now more often about owning and operating the new paranormal toy called Frank's Box. This box carries a lot of controversy across the paranormal community. Frank Sumption came up with the idea that spirit voices can be created through fragmented radio pieces. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh is a American Necromancer Who Just tuned into the Mysteries Box--

Dateline NBC recently did a special on UFOs, mixing together analysis from both serious researchers and dyed-in-the-wool skeptics. Video excerpts are available on a page titled 10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape, which includes images from such cases as the Belgium Triangle, Gulf Breeze, and Stephenville.

Celebrated medium James Van Praagh will share incredible true ghost stories and surprising details about how ghosts actively participate in our lives. Tonight live -- CoasttocoastAm

Nothin' like a real New Orleans Voodoo Jazz Funeral to put you in a good mood! - The Jazz Funeral in New Orleans dates back to the early 1800’s. It emerged as a collaborative effort among slaves and free people of color. For these events, people would pool their resources in order to provide a family or community member with a proper burial. But little do those outside of New Orleans realize the Voodoo Hoodoo significance of a second line parade.

The Saturday Strangeness: A Stone's Throw... -Unexplained cases pertaining to the sudden appearance of mystery objects from seemingly nowhere have, most certainly in the past, been blamed on the eerie aspect of the poltergeist, or 'noisy ghost' – an unseen phantom energy said to throw objects and make others appear. -Londonist

Cemetery's Scary Reputation Leads to Stepped-up Patrols. - Officers have been told to check the graveyard during all shifts, according to a Dodge County Sheriff’s Department log. --

Scientist Stunned By His Own Study - Offers New View of Global Warming See What One Expert Discovers --

The Very Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken ... Are in the eye of the beholder. - Many ghosts in photos only mean something to the person who has taken the photo themselves. For as we know it is only they that took the photo and know that what they captured on film is not what was there when they took the actual picture. Ghost or anomalous photos happen all the time. Many occasions it's explainable. But when no answers can be delivered then it is genuine at least to the person who took the photo.--

Alleged Apparitions an Annoyance for Residents - A local graveyard is rumored to be home to apparitions -- and other paranormal activities. But neighbors say the unexplained is behind an increase in traffic and other aggravations.
"It's not like the talk of the town... cemetery on Eagle Road is haunted, not at all," Mary Dornfeld says.

DNA tests exonerate 'Lizard Man' in van attack - DNA testing has shown an attack on a family van some blamed on the legendary Lizard Man appears to have been done by a domestic dog. --AP


Ghosts Shouting For 'Help' Among Cyclone Survivors - Hey …. help us, Hey … help us," the voices say. But when villagers search the fields with their torch lights, no one can be seen. "We believe it must be the ghosts of those who died, because they died unnaturally in the cyclone," said a villager from Peinneakone village in Laputta Township, Irrawaddy Division, where Cyclone Nargis struck May 2-3. -- Mizzima

Did toads predict the earthquake?
Some are saying that the China catastrophe could have been avoided, if only they had listened to the toads. --The Observers

All the talk about ghosts is preposterous — isn't it? - We don't believe in ghosts — do we? There's no way a spirit can possibly get back here from there, wherever there might be. It's simply impossible. The very idea defies rational thought, scientific evidence and an accurate perception of reality. Or do we simply claim such as a cavalier mechanism to protect our own doubts about the matter?

Is Town Hall haunted? Mass Paranormal not ready to say - “We’re trying to figure out if something is here,” Mass Paranormal co-founder and vice president Tom Ventosi said. In late January, the Enfield Paranormal Society declared the Town Hall haunted after a weekend-long investigation. --

In pictures: The UFO files - The UK's National Archives is displaying previously classified files on UFOs. --BBC News

Mickey Of Miami's Top Ten Best and Most Haunted Places in Florida where you can spot a real ghost.-- MICKEYOFMIAMI.COM

UK releases classified UFO files The UK is making decades' worth of documents freely available to the public. --New Scientist

Sylvia Browne real or fake? - News 4 Investigates' Craig Cheatham examines the Sylvia Browne empire. -- Watch Craig's report Here Now!

Granny Ghost Video Freaks Out Half Of Asia --LiveLeak

Dissolving Dead Bodies: Gross, But Green A new option is generating interest. --AP

Real-life skull worship inspires new 'Indiana Jones' There is a legend that the ancient Maya possessed 13 crystal skulls. --AP

Five sci-fi movies that get the science right -2001 and Alien among the sci-fi films deemed most realistic. --NewScientist

Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, will draw hundreds to a conference next weekend - “Ohio is one of the hottest places in the nation for this sort of thing,” said Matthew Moneymaker, director of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or BFRO, based in southern California No matter what you make of the evidence, one thing is clear to Don Keating, founder of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center: Interest is up. More than 350 people attended last year’s conference and he’s hoping for 400 this weekend. -- /

Ghost-Hunting Groups Enjoy Popularity - "Ghost reality shows have really opened the door for people to get involved themselves," said James Willis, founder of The Ghosts of Ohio, the group watching the tracks for the paranormal train.The airwaves are populated by shows such as "Ghost Whisperer," "Medium," "Paranormal State" and "Ghost Hunters." Viewership of "Ghost Hunters," a reality show on the SCI FI Channel that chronicles investigations by The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS, has doubled since it debuted in 2004 - growing from 1.3 million viewers to 2.6 million --WCMH - NBC 4

Ghostbusters set to hang up ectoplasm - Suffolk's Ghostbusters ain't afraid of no ghosts - but they've blamed the closure of their enterprise on a lack of interest in the unexplained.

Top Places To Not Visit - These places are simply known as hells on earth. --

Fond du Lac Area Is Hot Spot For UFO Activity - Several Fond du Lac area residents aren't surprised that Long Lake, located near Dundee, was recently named the top UFO hotspot in Wisconsin. The area is notorious for strange lights and objects, plus an occasional crop circle. -- Fond du Lac Reporter

Most haunted places revealed - From screaming skulls and headless horsemen to murdered brides and phantom farmers, English folklore is full of spine-tingling ghost stories. -- -- Also see: THE 100 MOST SCARIEST PLACES TO SEE REAL GHOSTS

Ghosts and smell of victims haunt survivors - Death pervades this town so completely that many said they cannot sleep because ghosts of the cyclone victims torment them. One said: “We can’t sleep at night, because we can hear people shouting at night. Maybe these are the ghosts of the villagers." -- Times Online, UK

Paranormal investigator Kenneth John Parsons shares a photo of what he beleives may be an anomalous entity at Waverley Abbey.

Prahub Radio- With Ruffhouse --- Tonite and Thursday, Dr. Robert Heironimus talks with us about secret symbols hidden in American icons (like the all seeing eye on the dollar bill). Think "National Treasure", that movie starring Nicholas Cage

The Lost Dead- Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier tells the tale of a real New Orleans Paranormal Urban Legend of walking Corpse's. --

Fla. Teacher Accused Of Wizardry - Man Made Toothpick Vanish In Class

The Seven Wonders OF The Paranormal World- Some call them the most visited haunted hotspots in the world. Supernatural sightseeings are nothing new. Many thousands people have traveled through out the centuries to find miraculous locations to experience the wonderment of the other-side. Certain Cities and their Paranormal locations have always stirred a emotional or psychological - like experience in many. As many say this place has the supernatural

Wednesday May 7, 2008 at 8 p.m. CST will be the SciFi Channel Premier of "Children of the Grave". A Booth Brothers (Spooked Television Releasing Para-Horror Documentary concerning the often tragic plight of orphaned, abused and neglected children who after death remain trapped in our world to tell us their tragic story or to seek vengeance in the afterlife. Take a paranormal adventure with the Booth Brothers, Keith Age, Paranormal Task Force and others through orphanages, forgotten grave sites and even haunted woods in search for these true and tragic tales and see the evidence caught first hand which proves their existence even in the afterlife!

Stalking spooky - Texoma Regional Organization of Paranormal Studies, or TROOPS, ... “We go into a place to prove it isn’t haunted,” Robert Montgomery said. “It’s easier to prove a place isn’t haunted than to prove it is. We try to gather hard, scientific evidence.”-- Times Record News, TX

Church Confirms Ghostly Sightings - Says Virgin Mary Did Appear--

Old Firehouse Open To Public: But Is It Haunted?- It was one of Pueblo's first fire stations...back when fireman responded to calls on horse-drawn wagons carrying hoses.--KRDO, CO

SciFi Channel's 'Ghost Hunters' Call Weston Hospital Haunted - The SciFi Channel television show "Ghost Hunters" has declared West Virginia's most famous mental hospital haunted. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society visited the Lunatic Asylum West of the Alleghenies in March to try to debunk reports of unusual activity. People had said they'd heard gurneys moving down hallways and screams from inside the former shock therapy room. -- RedOrbit, TX

The Amazing Story behind the 256 Year-Old Man - Li Ching-Yun was reported to have buried 23 wives and fostered 180 descendants. --Environmental Graffiti

Delusions 'haunt' sick children - One in three children admitted to intensive care will have frightening hallucinations, say researchers. --BBC News

Demonology Today Radio --- Radio Host Ken Deel Interviews Greg Myers Founder of PARANORMAL TASK FORCE - Myers Will be talking about The investigations revealed in "Children of the Grave", a Documentary, which will air on MAY 7th and May 28th on the SCI-FI Channel. Greg Myers, Judy Myers, and others will join us to fill the hour d iscussing "Zombie Road", "Pythian Castle" and other haunted investigations...

Soaps and Ghosts: Daytime TV Gets Spooky - As Clark Kent's editor, Perry White, would say, "Great Caeser's ghost!" The ghosts seem to have some of the best lines on daytime these days. While it may be overused today, ghosts have been around on daytime drama for a long time. The best example of ghosts and goblins was the cult soap of the late1960s and early '70s "Dark Shadows." The show was filled with folks coming back from the dead. --National Ledger, AZ

In the eye of the beholder - Many a story has been told of ghosts haunting Greek houses, residence halls and academic buildings, and while not every location on campus can boast a ghost story, many can. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, it’s difficult to avoid letting curiosity get the better of you.

They ain't afraid of no ghosts
Paranormal group spends the night hoping to meet courthouse's spooks

Ghost Hunting Equipment Do It Yourself --- with Ghost Breaker Kim Kowalczyk - Double Camera Outfit Idea... DIY Ghost Hunting At It's Best!--

Things your body can do after you die - Ghost marriage first appeared in Chinese legends 2,000 years ago, and it's been a staple of the culture ever since. Story Highlights > Not all bodies disappear into the ground after death > Some become educational artwork and go on tours In at least one city, crematoriums help heat homes> Russian revolutionary's body is a tourist attraction

For sale: King Henry VIII's haunted castle - A 700-year-old castle which once belonged to King Henry VIII has been put on the market for only the second time in its history --

Most Haunted team visit site - Yvette Fielding and her team spent the night at Plas Newydd to investigate any paranormal activity. -- Shropshire Star

Newspaper carrier finds woman pinned by dead husband's body -

Exorcist calls time on pub poltergeist
Ghostbuster Ian Lawman, 39, had to take drastic action against a violent poltergeist. --Slough & Windsor Observer

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?- One of the most glaring flaws in the argument in favor of the existence of spirits, ghosts, etc, is that in the majority of sightings of full body apparition-type ghosts, the ghosts are wearing clothes. --

UK Banks use astrology to play the markets - A growing, albeit secretive, network of astrologers work for seemingly conservative British institutions. --News Monster

The spirited history of Marin County landmark - The big, white landmark called the Fireside has stood as a gateway to Mill Valley for 92 years, a symbol of a rough, rollicking era when the Bay Area was awash in rum running. But the celebrants who caroused inside the former speakeasy never knew they were dancing on Indian graves. --San Francisco Chronicle

Confessions of a Paranormal Junkie - A fascination with ghosts is also a career path for Noah Voss. --Madison Magazine

Has Jesus Risen from a Drop-Down Ceiling? - ... the pope isn't the only reason New Yorkers are seeing religious portents these days. Staff and patients of St. John's Queens Hospital are also rolling holy over another recent sign from above: a hospital tile water stain above the bed in room 232 that looks strikingly (or at least vaguely) like the face of Jesus Christ. --


Heath Ledger’s former fiancee, Michelle Williams, claims she is being haunted by the tragic actor’s ghost.

Michelle Williams ‘haunted by Heath Ledger’s ghost’- Heath Ledger’s former fiancee, Michelle Williams, claims she is being haunted by the tragic actor’s ghost.-- Showbiz Spy, UK

TV ghost hunters descend on Chester pub--,

Believers scour woods for signs, sounds of creature ---To some people, the big, hairy, half-man, half-ape known as Bigfoot is pure folklore, but to others, he is a living creature ... -- Tri County Journal, OH

David Charters: I have always believed in ghosts. But they haunt people, not houses... --Liverpool Daily Post, UK

Spectre of ghosts haunts runaway groom- obably realising that he didn’t have a ghost of a chance to get away from matrimony, a groom in Chhattisgarh did the disappearing act minutes after his wedding leaving villagers speculating feverishly that he had been spirited away by ghouls.

New UFO Video Challenges Skeptics in Argentine Sighting Claims.

Healer and Medium Bill Harrison Commits Suicide. --

Federal Way women claim sexual assault by ghost - According to a police report, the two women told officers a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and having intercourse with them at their apartment ...

The Haunted Galveston, Texas Zombie Doll --Read all about an ongoing new Paranormal investigation here now!

The Librarians Call It an Anomaly (It Wasn’t Rattling Chains) - It appeared as a meandering shadow in the suspense section of the Elting Memorial Library here, pausing on the wide plank floors in front of a bookcase with titles like “Night Call from a Distant Time Zone,” “A Gathering of Ghosts” and “Still Among the Living.” --

Gettysburg's haunted address --Yet Gettysburg, if you believe in this kind of thing, also can be a pretty good place to see a ghost, given how many soldiers gave up their lives. Or so I've been told.

Priest vanishes after taking off in seat attached to hundreds of balloons

FOOTAGE of Adelaide Arcade's resident ghost Francis Cluney is suddenly world famous.

Lynchings in Congo as Penis Theft Panic Hits Capital - Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

Fortune-tellers, mediums and spiritual healers marched on the home of the British prime minister at Downing Street on Friday to protest against new laws they fear will lead to them being "persecuted and prosecuted". --

Slamming doors, phantom footsteps and typewriters that type on their own are signs workers say a police station is haunted. --

DEICIDE's GLEN BENTON Claims Bigfoot Sighting ---, NY

Two Women Report Ghost Has Been Having Sex With Them- They said that the ghost has been having sexual intercourse with them. One woman said that these incidents started in Kent and continued when she moved here. The other woman said that this just started now. -- FedWay Mirror

Which State In America Is The Most Haunted? Find out here now!

Yankees Foil Red Sox Curse Attempt- A construction worker's bid to curse the New York Yankees by planting a Boston Red Sox jersey in their new stadium was foiled Sunday when the home team removed the offending shirt from its burial spot. --, Canada

Gettysburg's haunted address - arnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg. Built in 1810, it is said to be haunted by no fewer than 14 ghosts, making it the seventh-most-haunted inn in America. -- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Ghosts that Sailed the High Seas - This week it will be just one year since the 12 metre sailing catamaran Kaz II was found drifting 80 nm off the east Australian coastline, with no sign of its West Australian crew of three. -- Sail World, Australia

Man In Mental Hospital After Chase - Investigators say it all started with the man trying to "get the devil" out of his girlfriend. --

Mom stabbed girl because of demon: police - A Waukegan mother claimed her 6-year-old daughter attacked her with a butcher knife because the petite kindergartner was possessed by a demon, Lake County authorities said Tuesday. --

The History Channel filming Cuero chupacabra story - The Discovery Channel also plans to broadcast a story on the chupacabra later this spring. -- Victoria Advocate

People turn into ‘ghosts’ to appease Lord Shiva -In a ritual to propitiate Lord Shiva, some residents of Jharkhand have been “transforming” themselves into ghosts throughout the Hindu month of Chaitra (mid-March to mid-April)--

Ghost Hunters Part I: South Jersey research organization offers sanity for those plagued by ghosts --

Ruth the Truth shuns psychic limelight- Ruth Urquhart – also known as Ruth the Truth – is one of Britain’s most popular psychics, ....One of the programmes she was offered was a pilot called Haunted Houses, which became the popular series Most Haunted. --Hamilton Advertiser news, UK

Haunted Houses Come Cheap - Buying a stigmatized property can be a great bargain.

Researchers put Rum Story’s ghosts under the microscope - WHATEVER ghosts are – spirits of the deceased, ‘tape recordings’ of past tragedies or just a hyperimagination – we can all be agreed on one thing: they’re scary! * View more pictures... * Watch a video clip.... --Whitehaven News, UK

Ghosts in C-Max? - Thabo Masinga, accused of brutally attacking two nurses at a prison hospital in 2005, has said there are ghosts in C-Max Prison. -- Independent Online, South Africa

Dash Beardsley's Ghost Tours of Galveston, Texas Top Ten Most Haunted List --

Transplanted Hearts and the Ghosts That Live On Inside of Them - It has long been rumored that organ transplants bring with them certain personality traits of their original owners, but two recent cases seem to add credence to the theory. First is the case of Sonny Graham, who after receiving the heart of suicide victim Terry Cottle, went on to not only marry Cottle’s widow, but to also eventually commit suicide in the exact same fashion as Cottle had, 12 years earlier. Even more bizarre is the case of Claire Sylvia, a middle aged mother who received a donated heart from an 18-year-old boy who died in a motorcycle accident. In her new book, Change of Heart, Sylvia notes some of the unexpected side effects of her transplant operation: -- Synthesis, CA

Is The Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, Kentucky Haunted?- The Octagon House, located in Simpson County Kentucky just north of Franklin, was built in 1843 by Andrew Jackson Caldwell. During the Civil War, Andrew Caldwell offered shelter to many Confederate soldiers. According to an article by Amy Biggs published in the Franklin Favorite Feb. 1, 2001, as many as 12,000 Confederate soldiers camped on the property surrounding the home on Feb. 13, 1862. And generals Johnston, Hardee and Breckenridge spent the night inside the home. Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers will be conducting a paranormal investigation at this reported haunted location --Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, TN

Ghost-Hunter Artist's 'Unwelcome' Guests- Glenn James, Artist and Co-Writer of “The Reluctant Ghost Hunter,” experienced a Haunting which made life very disturbing for its living participants…. -- Student Operated Press

American Notebook: A Ghost Story - Do I believe in ghosts? In all honesty, I don’t. But I’m not presumptuous enough to assume I know all there is to know. It has been said that places aren’t haunted, people are. -- East Iowa Herald

Researchers Put Ghosts Under The Microscope- WHATEVER ghosts are – spirits of the deceased, ‘tape recordings’ of past tragedies or just a hyperimagination – we can all be agreed on one thing: they’re scary! --

'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge Dig - Archaeologists carrying out an excavation at Stonehenge say they have broken through to a layer that may finally explain why the site was built. -- BBC News

Base basks in 'Ghost Hunters' spotlight - WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" brought its televised paranormal investigations to the 88th Air Base Wing, and outgoing commander Col. Colleen Ryan and base employees were just grateful for the cable TV show's spotlight — and its infrared thermal imaging. -- Dayton Daily News

Johnson County says no to ghost hunt - ohnson County won't be calling any ghostbusters out to the county Poor Farm and Asylum. The Carroll Area Paranormal Team wanted to inspect the site — west of Iowa City on Melrose Avenue — for ghosts using thermal imaging cameras, voice recording systems and other equipment. -- Gazette Online, IA

'Be Gone, Satan'- Ottawa's former exorcist, a 78-year-old priest in poor health, agreed to talk to the Citizen, on the condition he not be named.
-- Ottawa Citizen

New head of voodoo brings on the charm - Max Beauvoir, has recently been named the supreme chief of voodoo, tapping on a drum outside his home near Port Au Prince, Haiti. --IHT

The science behind dragons, unicorns and mermaids- Organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the exhibit drew almost a half-million visitors. The Field has it until Sept. 1.-- The Courier News, IL

Gazette ghost-hunting team spend night with the spirits- BLACKPOOL'S Grand Theatre is well known throughout the town for its rich paranormal history. --Blackpool Gazette, UK

TV show finds strange episodes at local mansion - One does not have to tell residents of Southeastern Ohio about Prospect Place mansion.-- Zanesville Times Recorder, OH

Event digs into Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts


Lingerie of the Dead- Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia have reportedly been buying up large orders of mock bras and panties -- including some with leopard prints -- to burn for the dead in a festival.

Ghostly Bounty Hunter- An estate's deadly history haunts its present, as do spirits that like to touch the unwary. Scifi's Ghost Hunters Jason and Grand and steve on line full shows online free Also see : Ghost Hunters International


Pregnant man talks to People
April 3: MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell talks with People magazine's Patrick Rogers about their interview with pregnant man Thomas Beatie.

Hauntings Investigated At Homestead Police Dept. - Phantom typing heard in Homestead, PA building.

Unidentified object flies Canterbury skies - Teenager captured an apparently fiery object on his digital camera. --The Press

Find Ghosts With Your Mobile Phone - In what may be the single greatest mobile application of all time, the Discovery Channel is offering downloads of a ghost detection program for compatible cell phones. As any self-respecting ghost buster knows, paranormal investigators say that fluctuations in Electro Magnetic Fields (E.M.F.) are the indicators for paranormal activity.

THURSDAY ON PARAHUB RADIO -- Donn Shy in the first segment tonite to talk about what she found at the USS Hornet. Then Bob Hunnicutt from the Georgia Ghost Society will be our featured guest.--PARAHUB.ORG

Excavation starts at Stonehenge -The first excavation inside the ring at Stonehenge in more than four decades has gotten underway. --BBC News

HPI Chronicles: Do I Really Believe In Ghosts?

When People Can't Stop Praying -A man describes his rare religious form of OCD. --ABC News

The mechanism of poltergeist activity Physicists hypothesize changes in the brain that occur at puberty involve fluctuations in electron activity. --New Scientist

Man Believes His Dead Wife is Contacting Him Via Cell

"Plight of the Departed Jesuits?" By Greg

Researchers Explain Poltergeists via Quantum Physics- BoingBoing reports that two physicists are publishing a paper in science journal NeuroQuantology explaining the existence and activities of poltergeists. Yes, poltergeists. Pierro Brovetto and Vera Maxia believe pubescent "female neuronal activity" triggers quantum field changes. They believe that these disturbances cause the flying objects and supernatural disturbances typical of poltergeist activity. Similarly, the Rhine Center, a research center that studies the paranormal, suggests that poltergeist effects are "outward manifestations of psychological trauma," and that the supernatural phenomena originates within human minds.

California Group Comes to Bishopville to Investigate "Lizard Man"- Stories of the Lizard Man and the van belonging to Bob and Dixie Rawson in Lee County have hit the national mediaTom Biscardi runs Searching for Bigfoot, a group out of California that investigates experiences with creatures like Bigfoot.--WIS-TV

Top clairvoyant to 'cross over' at Journal event- Stephen Holbrook, dubbed "Britain's most gifted spiritualist medium" will be the star of a Journal clairvoyance

Dozens of paranormal enthusiasts, ghost-hunters, psychics and an ethereal fog descended upon the St. George Hotel in the tiny gold rush town of Volcano on Saturday for Ghost Rush 2008, the inaugural American Paranormal Investigations conference dedicated to all things otherworldly. --

Devil's In The Detail Of 'Haunted' House Sale - After enduring howls in the night and creaking staircases for the past three years, an Italian family is preparing to sue the previous owners of their house for not telling them it was haunted. --Telegraph

Mystical Car Crash Zones - Since the ancient times people believe in dead zones and devil places, where people get in terrible situations and lose their lives. --Advanced Autozone

Children in Voodoo's Power -In the tiny West African country of Benin, voodoo has been practised for 10,000 years, but efforts to preserve its ancient oral traditions are exacting a harsh toll on its faithful, splitting families and pushing people deeper into poverty. -- Guardian Unlimited

UFO Sighting Investigated Photos Puzzle Detectives - 'I'm Not a Skeptic Anymore'... The tiny beach town of Capitola, Calif., is buzzing about a mysterious object that appears to have been photographed on May 16 of last year. Someone using the name Raji posted images on the Web site Craigslist, answered a few questions from UFO hunters around the world, and then just disappeared into cyberspace.-- aolnews

RIP on the moon
A company plans to launch cremation ashes to the moon by next year. » How much will it cost?

Earth goes dark for an hour
Cities worldwide to turn the lights out for "Earth Hour" tomorrow. yahoo news

Seeking UFOs, deep underground
Peter Davenport runs the National UFO Reporting Center from an abandoned missile complex in Washington state. --LA Times

Tom Biscardi and his Bigfoot Hunters are back in Lamar County to search once more for the elusive creature, this time with more technology and a different tactic.

Nurse Told Ill Cancer Patient She Saw A Ghost - Mrs Davies says that the nurse came running down the corridor and said that she had seen a ghost. “She said she had seen a spirit but not to worry, that she was a medium. The nurse told us that she was psychic, and that it was all right, she only saw friendly spirits.” --icWales

Pastor threatened victim with evil spirits.-

Mexico is magical to its warlocks and witches- CATEMACO, Mexico: To kill a man, Alejandro Gallegos García explains, all you need is a black cloth doll, some thread, a human bone and a toad. Oh, and you must ask the devil permission, in person, at a cave in the hills where he is said to appear.

Man Claims He Was Molested by Bigfoot --AP

Iowa county board gives initial OK for ghost hunters to investigate asylum built in 1855 . -The building is now called Chatham Oaks, and houses people with physical and mental disabilities. Chatham Oaks officials said there wouldn't be a problem with the paranormal team coming in as long as it didn't disturb residents, said county facilities director Dave Kempf.

Owensboro, Kentucky Ghosts, are they really... real?- Many Ghost Stories and strange encounters with the dead happen in Owensboro, Kentucky's third largest city 24/7. Some citizens openly talk about it while others keep dead quiet. Spend a few minutes and look through our web site, and you might just agree that Owensboro has a few more ghost then one might think

Tens of thousands of ordinary people around the globe are reporting mysterious spheres of light known as ORBS, which have started appearing on their digital photographs. A few scientists are taking this phenomenon seriously and incredibly claim to have found evidence of beings from other dimensions.

The Ghosts of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base- An upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters will feature a segment filmed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Buildings 219 and 70 are said to be the focus of the investigation which involves the sighting of a ghostly young boy in Building 219 and the ghost of an older woman seen in Building 70. Too bad they will not invite UFO Investigators into Wright-Patterson. Imagine what they might turn

Historic home and ghosts for sale- One of New Zealand’s oldest homes is for sale – complete with ghost stories.--

Ghost haunting old Town Hall— It has been confirmed by the ghost hunters, there are spirits in the ancient Town Hall in Middleboro. The next question for selectmen is what to do about them? The logical answer is to be nice and try not to disturb them. Don’t suggest they register to vote or pay a property tax. After all, the Town Hall is the “peoples’ building,” past people as well as present. The presence of the supernatural was confirmed by a company that uses various equipment to detect it.

Beast of Bladenboro on the prowl-Half a century after hunters came by the hundreds to stake out Bladenboro’s big swamp, the elusive vampire cat is still on the prowl. --

Zombies take over city - People who scare easily should stay away from Leeds on Thursday as it plays host to the largest ever crowd of zombies.--

Paranormal participation; Allandale Heights student tracks down spirits- Cassandra Simmons tracks ghosts in some of the scariest places in Ontario. She's only 13 years old, but she's not even a wee bit nervous about the job. She might have be a bit perturbed when some mysterious communication upset disconnected her audio from Ghost Trackers command headquarters, if she'd known about it. But only the television viewing audience and host Joe MacLeod were aware of what happened. --The Barrie Examiner

Ghostly Image Caught on Camera- The York Street jail is nothing but a pile of rubble now, as crews cart away the remains of the 120 year old landmark. The last inmate was imprisoned there 16 years ago. But a snapshot may prove that at least one spirit never

GIVING THE DEVIL HIS DUE- Real-life case of demon possession documented - Woman levitated, spoke other languages, showed paranormal powers

Ghost whisperers- The small group of investigators came across this WWI soldier’s ghost during one of their investigations around Westford. --Westford Eagle, MA

A Ghost is Born - Is there really a ghost in James Boone's photo of York Street Jail? We have reason to believe it is -- after all, it happens to us all the time. The Republican -, MA

See ghost hunters in Waverly- The Waverly Opera House will host a gathering of folks from across the country who spend their time searching for things that go bump in the night. The program, "The Ghost Hunters Return: The Just Say No to Orbs Tour," is planned for 7 p.m. today and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday. Paranormal researchers will present photographs, video and audio recordings from their investigations, including information from local "hauntings." Tickets cost $8 for adults, $5 for seniors and students. For more information or to reserve a spot, call (570) 565-8714. -- Elmira Star-Gazette, NY

Stage is set to flush out theatre's resident ghost -- Scotsman, United Kingdom

American actor Zac Efron was scared out of his wits when he apparently spotted a ghost on the set of the new movie 'Me And Orson Welles'. The 'High School Musical' star, who was the highest paid teenage actor and who has his own SAS guards to keep him safe from screaming girls, was quite shaken with the experience. --

Kurt Cobain: Ghost or ID Theft Victim?
Con men bought a $3.2 million mansion in New Jersey last year using the Social Security number of iconic Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. --Dark Reading, NY

A TOWN in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a 'creepy gnome' that locals claim stalks the streets at night. With video--The Sun

Indians gather to save the planet
North American Indians assembled in the shadow of ancient Mayan pyramids Monday. --AP

UFO Snapped over Thames
A student was left shocked when she checked her tourist snaps and spotted what looks like a flying saucer. --The Sun

Only Fools and Goatsuckers- Only Fools and Goatsuckers by Jonathan Downes recounts the adventures of Jon, and Graham Inglis and a film crew, in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Miami in early 1998--CFZ

Ghost rider expected to arrive in Ohio town - Forget Nicolas Cage! The town of Elmore, Ohio has its own ghost rider to contend with -- and he's expected to arrive on March 21. The apparition is supposed to be the ghost of a First World War soldier who crashed his motorcycle on March 21, 1919. Residents say the ghost returns each year as a ball of light on the anniversary of his death if drivers flash their headlights three times followed by three honks of the car horn.

Ghost hunters to visit Bama Theatre
Research group to scout historic theater for paranormal activity --Crimson White

Halloween in March- Do you believe in ghosts? Darin Durden, president of the San Angelo Paranormal Studies group, didn’t. At least, not until he moved into a new house three years ago.

Ghosts of Winnipeg- These eerie photographs are part of the University of Manitoba's most popular private collection--National Post

Ghost of Winnipeg below video below


Brooklyn-based paranormalists will clear out your ghosts for $20 an hour- It's Ghostbusters, Brooklyn-style. A team of self-made paranormalists is offering to come over to your house in the middle of the night to chase away any unwanted spirits. "I'm fascinated with the supernatural," says Sal Cicconi, 27. Cicconi, along with Sergio Ocasio, 20, and Samantha Ramirez, 18, have plastered Brooklyn offering their services for just $20 an hour.

'Demon Home' Grabs Our Attention - The Smurls claimed that their 75-pound German shepherd was slammed into a wall by the demon; that it had bitten Jack’s ear and shaken the couple’s mattress. They even said the spirit threw one of their daughters down a flight of stairs. ----But it didn’t stop there. --Times Leader

2008 Comeback Stories: Exorcisms?? - "To fight the devil head on," Pope Benedict XVI has sanctioned the first ever formal exorcism training, a ten-week course at Rome's Regina Apostolorum.

Campaigners bid to clear the 'witch' who leaked WWII secrets about sinking battleship. - Witch? Helen Duncan, was jailed for nine months in 1944 under the Witchcraft Act of 1735.

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes--

Mediums to Contact John Lennon Debuts on Pay-Per-View. - On April 24, famed psychics from around the world will conduct a séance to contact John Lennon from beyond the grave.--

Texas ghost town is sold on eBay - Albert, Texas, has a new owner, but the identity is a mystery... A small, uninhabited town in Texas has been sold on the internet auction site, eBay, to a buyer in Italy for a little over $3m (£1.45m). -- BBCNews

Electronic Voices From Beyond the Grave- Professor Ernst Senkowski sits hunched over a trailing mass of wires and ageing radios in his laboratory. To the untrained eye it looks like an impossible tangle, but the Professor says it’s a machine for communicating with the dead.--News Monster

Flying saucers and aliens abductions sound bizarre to some people in South Mississippi, but 76-year-old Charles Hickson of Gautier claims he actually lived that nightmare.

"Eye Problems May Explain Ghost Sightings"- CENTURIES of apparent ghost sightings can actually be explained by cataracts, according to a leading Welsh surgeon. --icWales

Paranormal researchers examine the haunting legacy of Preston

"Lizard Man" returns? BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - After a nasty surprise Thursday morning for one Bishopville resident, she's wondering if the "Lizard Man" is back. Dixie Rawson of Bishopville sent WIS News 10 an e-mail about a big surprise she got at her home Thursday morning. "The whole front half of our van is chewed up. There are bite marks right through the front grill. Both sides of the van above the wheel wells were bitten and the metal is bent like a piece of paper."

Romanian cops have closed a vandalism investigation that left local houses in ruins by concluding ghosts were to blame --

Fresh Tests on Shroud of Turin- The Oxford laboratory that declared the Turin Shroud to be a medieval fake 20 years ago is investigating claims that its findings were wrong.

In the basement of the old jail in Mount Holly, N.J., John Kurkis probes the inky darkness with a sound recorder and an infrared thermal thermometer. He's hunting for ghosts.

The 50 Thylacine reports- Most of these sightings only lasted for a minute or two, as the animal crossed a road or paddock. Most observations have been at night though others have been during daylight and all were close enough, usually only a few metres away, to enable a very good description.

Ghost Attacked Me, Says Spooked Alba - Jessica Alba says she was attacked by a ghost when she was 17. The star of The Eye claims she was visited by an otherworldly being, and was so terrified afterwards she refused to stay in her house --Sydney Morning Herald

Caught on camera: The ghost of Henry VIII - Grandmother Anne Lambert was stunned when she captured what looks like the ghost of Henry VIII on her mobile phone while staying at a Tudor manor house. The 54-year-old was spending the night at Samlesbury Hall, when she heard some ghostly noises. --This is London, UK

GHOST HOSTS BRINGING SUPERNATURAL SPEAKERS TO ST. HELENA - The four-hour event, hosted by team president and Graceland Park resident Dave Weigert Sr., will feature a talk about ghost photography and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) by psychic Beverly Litsinger and a presentation by Glen Burnie native Bill Bean, author of Dark Force, about his life in a so-called haunted

Builders working in the old Lewis's building, in The Headrow, Leeds took this photograph of what they claim is a ghost.


UFO Sightings on the Rise - "Whatever people believe about UFOs, the Government is releasing some of the most fascinating material in its files. Sceptics and believers alike should welcome this." -- The Independent

As the Year of the Pig ends, followers of Chinese superstition will be scurrying to consult fortune-tellers, astrologers and feng shui geomancers to guide their year ahead.- HONG KONG (AFP) - The Year of the Rat threatens to see a build-up of international tensions, natural and air disasters, and a more turbulent stock market, soothsayers and analysts say. -- Yahoo News

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation, died Tuesday at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a spokesman said. He was thought to be 91 years old.
-- AP

Man Says He Was Performing Exorcism When Wife Died - A man accused of killing his wife said he was holding her facedown on the floor during an exorcism when the devil entered his body and caused her to die, according to a probable cause statement. -

The Ghosts of New Orleans Mardi Gras - New Orleans Mardi Gras is well steeped in years od tradition, from Mardi Gras Balls to elaborate floats and and costumes of the selected royalty. Yet" the Most Haunted City in America" also has a few haunted secrets that few outsiders have come to know. And may dare not wish to witness. --Haunted America Tours

Ghosts with the Most - If you missed the broadcast of Southern Haunts: Ghosts of the Low Country on ETV last October, fear not. DVD sales of the popular award-winning documentary -- Charleston City Paper, SC

No ghosts on the set of 'Medium' says Arquette- While her show dives into the world of murder and the paranormal, actress Patricia Arquette tells that she isn't around when things get intense. ..., Canada

Family Sees Virgin Mary on Livingroom Wall --WFTV-TV

Mysterious Object Captured On Camera- SEATTLE -- A picture taken by a 12-year-old Kirkland girl during the holiday week in December surprised her --

Possible First Authentic Drone Video -- The conversation recorded in the YouTube video referenced in the story below is in a Brazilian Portuguese dialect, probably from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The taping is being done by an adult. --

Are Your Christmas Toys Haunted? As children, all of us had our favorite playthings: dolls, teddy bears, toy soldiers; the list goes on. But how many of us ever suspected that those same toys might have been haunted? -- The Naughty American

Are Your Christmas Toys Haunted? As children, all of us had our favorite playthings: dolls, teddy bears, toy soldiers; the list goes on. But how many of us ever suspected that those same toys might have been haunted? -- The Naughty American

Ghost Hunters Uncover Old Murder- A team of paranormal investigators from Lancashire got more than they bargained for on their second visit to an Inn in Leyland. During the investigation the team undertook an experiment where they asked the spirits to move a table. --Lancashire Evening Post

Haunted House Stumps Rationalists- It all started 13 days ago when family members found water on the floors where none had been spilled. Even beds and mattresses were moist. Banerjee’s daughter Varsha complained of seeing shadows moving across rooms. --Times of India

They're on a mission to find Bigfoot in CA A San Juan Capistrano man hopes to make history as the discoverer of Sasquatch. --Orange County Register

Alien-Themed Tourism Ads Cause Uproar - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (Nov. 26) - Instead of highlighting New Mexico's picturesque desert landscapes, art galleries or centuries-old culture, a new tourism campaign features drooling, grotesque office workers from outer space chatting about their personal lives. -- AOL News

Disneyland workers were recently forced to close the "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction after a ride security camera caught a woman apparently dumping human remains, in what may be a growing trend. --wkmg Orlando

Seeking Activity in Old Jail The East Valley Paranormal Society spent the night at the old Gila County Jail in historic downtown Globe. The EVPS were investigsting reports of unexplained activity within the jail. -- Arizona Silver Belt

Mayor Claims He Was Abducted by Satanists -- CENTERTON, Ark. -- The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned on Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago. --

Map Lets You Go Away With the Fairies - Tourists who enjoy seeing where famous Britons live can now visit the homes of some of its most ancient and mysterious inhabitants – fairies.

Woman Drowns During Exorcism -- A 22-year-old woman died during an exorcism ritual in New Zealand, drowning at a relative's home as up to 40 family members looked on, police said today. --Ceremony Guardian Unlimited

Mystery surrounds a ghostly image in the form of a strange blue cloud that has been caught on a security camera at a petrol station. The cloud was seen floating and darting around customers at the garage before stopping still for 30 minutes and then speeding off.

I touched a UFO: ex-air force pilot
A group of former pilots recount seeing strange phenomena in the sky.

New Cryptid Ape Reports in Florida
The little town of Glen St. Mary, FL is in an uproar over a mystery creature (with photos).

Ex-pilots, military officers call for new UFO probe - Something's out there. Just ask the 14 seemingly respectable and sane men gathered in a conference room two blocks from the White House. All say they've had a close encounter of the extremely unsettling kind. --

Korean student believes in ghosts - in Korea there are so many ghost stories so you have to believe in it, I guess. I heard, I really doubt it, but I heard one of my friends talking about that his roommates went to Ogden and they had this one kind of cemetery, and this one guy took everyone around and he called out a ghost, or something like that, from the graveyard. --USU The Utah Statesman

Jack Dee called exorcists over ghosts

Spawn of the Jersey Devil - The general consensus is that maybe it's a deformed flying squirrel," Laubert said of the freakish mummy-thing. "Maybe it's a salamander - but it has hair! Maybe it's a chipmunk - but it has a fish tail! When I first saw it, I thought it was a mudskipper - but it has teeth! -

Govenor Asks God For Rain

Estes Park Trail Gazette - “I do, I do, I DO believe in ghosts” — Spirits walk and talk --
Estes Park Trail Gazette, CO

Don’t confuse souls with ghosts--Catholic priests- The Catholic Church is calling on the faithful to offer sincere prayers for the souls of their departed relatives on All Souls’ Day (November 2), instead of scaring themselves with the usual ghost stories.--, Philippines

The ghosts of Pike Place Market - The participants in Mercedes Yaeger's Paranormal Pub Crawl looked around Pike Place Market Wednesday night and saw things differently. --Seattle Post Intelligencer

Revealed: What is the secret of Silbury Hill? Archdruid Terry Dobney offers his explanation for the mysterious Silbury Hill. Pagan burial site? Too boring. UFO landing pad? Too bonkers. So what IS the secret of Silbury Hill? Terry the Druid reveals all --Daily Mail

Plane spooky: A flight attendant's horror stories - Bizarre tales, unexplained coincidences that will send shivers up your spine --MSNBC.msn

Mysterious animal found by rancher identified DNA results indicate the animal is in the coyote family. --KENS 5 Eyewitness News

Ghost hunters - On the trail of Sacramento’s scary monsters and super creeps -

Piano notes answer questions - Researchers claim evidence of supernatural activity at Long-Banta House. --Daily Journal Online

Haunting image - Paranormal investigator from St. Ann receives recognition for ghostly photo For most of us, tonight is the time for seeing ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night - especially when we open our front doors. But for Tom Halstead of St. Ann, any night can be a good night for observing paranormal activity - if the apparitions are willing to be seen, that is. -- North Countuy Journal

Do you believe in ghosts? - "How would you like to go ghost hunting in Newry?"
That was the question put to me by the Armagh Down Tourism Partnership.
Before I knew it they had me booked in for an overnight visit to the city, with several spooky events lined up.-- News Letter, UK

Area society hunts the unexplained - Mysterious orbs float around Michael Riley’s head as he tries to communicate with spirits using an electromagnetic field finder at Sierra’s Land --

Tracking Toledo's ghosts: Area crews leave no tombstone unturned ... - Standing in a cemetery after dark is eerie enough when you're not searching for ghosts. When you're on the lookout for the paranormal just weeks before Halloween, it can be downright spooky.-- Toledo Blade, OH

They're dead serious about ghosts- Most ghost hunters live for the thrill of having a spirit from beyond grab their hand or hearing a haunted voice tell them to "get out." But members of a paranormal investigative team based in the Mon Valley are just as happy to inform their clients an old pipe - rather than an angry ghost - is causing the creepy clanging in their walls. Meet "Haunted Fayette County," a team that travels in search of folklore, ghosts and mysterious places. -- Monessen Valley Independent, PA

White House, Capitol Haunted by Ghosts of Politics Past - he nation's capital isn't just your average scary place — it's haunted, too. From a congressional demon cat to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln living out his afterlife at the White House, the 2008 candidate who settles in at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. once the election cycle is over might have more than the unfinished business of the last Congress spooking him or her after the move to Washington. --ABC news

Haunting tales fill island city - Galveston's historic Strand district is known for its shopping and restaurants, but there's more that meets the eye. The city is teeming with ghost stories -- so many, in fact, that Galveston has been called the third most haunted place in America and the seventh most haunted place in the world. -- KTRK

Pennsylvania hunter by the name of Rick Jacobs claims he photographed Bigfoot. - Rick Jacobs, a hunter from Pennsylvania, claims that he has taken a picture of Bigfoot. The animal on the picture certainly does not look like a bear. The photo of Bigfoot by Rick Jacobs was posted on the website of the Bigfoot Research Organization (yes, there is one) and according to one of the members of the organization, the photo appears to be one of a juvenile Sasquatch.

Elijah Burke goes Ghost Hunting - If there are any ghosts haunting the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, they better prepare for a real experience on Halloween night. ECW’s Elijah Burke plans to bring the Elijah Experience to Waverly Hills on Wednesday when he’ll be a special guest on the Ghost Hunters live, all-night show on Sci Fi.

“Am I scared? I am absolutely not scared,” ECW's Elijah told, explaining that he’s watched Ghost Hunters and finds the stories intriguing.

“Am I scared? I am absolutely not scared,” ECW's Elijah told, explaining that he’s watched Ghost Hunters and finds the stories intriguing.

Long-Banta House haunted? - On Sept. 8 a paranormal group investigated alleged supernatural phenomena at various locations in Potosi. In addition to the Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR), a Daily Journal reporter along with the newspaper’s information technology manager participated in the investigation. The following is the first of a three-part series that deals with the investigation.

GREEN FUNERALS: Putting aside embalming and tombs
Some believe that services at home and simple caskets gradually will change how society deals with death.

MPR Members Ready to Take on Local Spirits - No longer must anyone call "The Ghostbusters." Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR), the non-extreme research division of Paranormal Task Force Inc., currently serves the Midwest regional area.

Top Ten Most Haunted Places in Franklin County Missouri - Ghosts are lurking in your neighborhood - maybe even right next door! MPR (Missouri Paranormal Research), a paranormal investigative team, has investigated these places around Franklin County --

Ghost hunter - Meet a expert on things supernatural. Boy, does he have some Halloween tales to tell.

A New Orleans Halloween

Does your house have ghosts?
Find out how to rid your old house of its specters and spirits. --This Old House

Ghosts who don't know they're dead--Kankakee Daily Journal, IL

Poll: One Out of Three Believe in Ghosts --The Associated Press

Fright-seeing in America: Looking for a sleepless night?--Knoxville News Sentinel, TN

Ghost Chicks Two women use paranormal talents, modern equipment to explain hauntings Two upcoming investigations will be held in Ocean Springs-- The Mississippi Press

Come discover the many supernatural happenings in San Francisco with the San Francisco Ghost Society's SUPERNATURAL SAN FRANCISCO PODCAST!

Ghost hunters go high-tech to prowl for spirits - Troy Wood is in the business of animal services, conducting special investigations for Salt Lake County. By night, the 43-year-old founder of The Utah Ghost Organization, a group of six including his wife and some of their closest friends, is prowling for spirits. --The Salt Lake Tribune

NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident Government agency fought the move in federal court.

Ghost haunts kids' playground - A ‘HAUNTED’ playground swing that rocks backwards and forwards on its own for days has scientists baffled. Parents and children are convinced a ghost is to blame. They were so spooked they reported the swing to cops after it began moving four months ago.

Who you gonna call? - If you have creaks, rattles and chills in your house that can't be explained away, it might be time to call in a ghost researcher. Troy Taylor is the author of more than 40 books on all things paranormal - most notably haunted houses. He's also the founder of the American Ghost Society, a network of ghost hunters who collect stories of sightings and hauntings, then use investigative techniques and equipment to track down evidence of the supernatural. Here he explains how you can find the right ghost buster to rid your old house of its specters and spirits.--

Rock 'n' Roll Ghost Tales - Alice Cooper got spooked!--Broward New Times, FL

'Tis the season -- for ghost stories - DWI offices People who work in the DWI offices, located in the old part of Alamogordo, claim there is a ghost haunting it. This used to be sheriff's office and cell block. People who work there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps and occasionally see a young man dressed in an old-style... --Alamogordo Daily News, NM

‘Ghost-hunting’ isn’t for the meek, especially me - I think it’s human that we all like a good ghost story, but to actively seek out a ghost is just plain stupid, or downright dangerous depending on your perspective. --Wadena Pioneer Journal, MN

Ghost Hunters - Hooked On A Feeling- --Reality TV Magazine, AZ

Ghost hunters: Interest in the paranormal raises profile of Mississippi ... here are at least 10 paranormal investigation groups in the state, from Biloxi to Ripley, and more than 300 in the U.S. and U.K.--Jackson Clarion Ledger

In Gettysburg --ghost tours 'not just squeaks and creaks.' Steve Anderson brings to life the personalities of the people whose haunted lives he describes. He is one of 25 guides working for Mark Nesbitt's Ghosts of Gettysburg, Candlelight Walking Tours which the public is welcome to attend this week and weekends in November.--Frederick News Post

Our Own Ghost Stories - Forget big-screen scares — from phantom pirate ships to women in white to spirits brandishing spectral guns. Several local towns have ghost stories they can call their own.

Probing the supernatural world - Real-life ghostbusters investigate paranormal phenomena and lead tours of spooky spots--Toronto Star, Canada

Dracula's cloak found - The cloak worn by Christopher Lee in his first role as Dracula has been discovered in a fancy dress shop. Its owners unwittingly hired it out to the public - on one occasion it was even rented for a children's nativity play. The black cape was part of Lee's costume for the 1958 Hammer Horror film Dracula. It was made by London firm Angels, which runs a fancy dress shop on Shaftesbury Avenue, but its history was only discovered during the store's annual pre-Halloween inventory check.

Haunted house: would you buy a home with a ghost? - Many people would be more than happy to share their des res with a ghost. And research by Yorkshire Bank reveals that buyers in Calderdale are more keen than most to buy a haunted house. More than 50 per cent of all buyers in Calderdale would put in an offer on a haunted house; 30 per cent of first time buyers want to view a home with a ghost, while another 30 per cent would try to negotiate a less scary price for a potentially ghoulish retreat.

Visiting Daisy, The Sweet Briar Ghost - mherst Co., VA - If you like getting spooked, there's a ghost tour you should check out. Each Halloween, Sweet Briar College shows folks around campus and guides tell haunting stories of strange appearances. But are they true? We did a little investigating.

4-Hour UFO Sighting Over the Canary Islands



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